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About Firma Africa

Assisting institutions achieve their aspirations through tailor made, practical investment solutions

We are a boutique advisory firm for private equity, hedge fund, infrastructure and real estate clients, specializing in capital raising and strategic transactions.

We bring together proven leaders with a unique insight in the best way to address today’s challenges and future opportunities.


What Drives Us?

  • We are personally committed to the success of our clients
  • We are extremely excited about the Sub-Saharan Africa region and the opportunities that are available to raise the living standards in its countries
  • Through professional experience, Firma Africa has a fairly full understanding of the capital raising process and operational/strategic issues facing companies
  • We understand what investors typically look for and we are well placed to present opportunities to them in a way that will effectively resonate with them
  • We have spent a lot of time working with management teams across the region to create market leading growth strategies, identifying the capital requirements of these strategies and supporting them in execution
  • Firma Africa Investment Consulting aims to assist wide ranging clients including burgeoning entrepreneurs, corporate institutions and government bodies with an array of investment consulting services
  • We seek to offer our clients with strategic & pragmatic solutions as they seek new avenues for growth or look to reorganize & restructure their current platforms

Our Services

Capital Raising

  • We assist our clients in their fund raising efforts through crafting relevant marketing materials as well leveraging on our experience with global investment houses to effectively market the opportunity
  • Our networks of local and international investment houses positions us to provide the most effective financing options to our clients

Project Advisory

  • We provide corporate consultancy for individual projects where we carry out financial appraisals of projects through design and construction of financial models of the individual project incorporating return profiles and risk analysis
  • We leverage on our personal networks in National and Regional Governments in the East African region to assist projects succeed in acquiring appropriate regulatory and contractual agreements to ensure successful project implementation

Corporate Advisory

  • Our aim is to work with companies as they seek to visualize their business performance over the medium to long term
  • We advise these companies on operational matters and regulatory compliance
  • We also step into advise on the appropriate financing structure for the client as they seek to grow their businesses

Set up of Investment Vehicles:

  • We assist our clients in setting up appropriate fund and investment structures to cater for the future expansion plans
  • We also work with investment and wealth management houses as they set up funds for their clients. Our global and regional network allows us to advise our clients on the appropriate fund structures and jurisdictions to cater for their individual needs

Training on Financial Markets:

  • We are practitioners in regional and global markets this allows us to advise governments, state corporations and private entities on adequate measures for risk management. We are keen to increase the dynamism of regional capital markets through our understanding of regulations/policy, infrastructural needs and our network within the regional and global trading community
  • We train institutions on the how markets function, how to structure deals in infrastructure and in private markets and training on the end to end process of investing in complex transactions in this region

Alternative Funding Sources:

  • We can help the county carry out investment mapping exercises to effectively position various projects and engage the right investment and development partners
  • We have extensive experience in executed PPP projects and the PPP framework in JV’s and Concessions in Affordable Housing, Energy and Water Infrastructure and can offer training on how to on the end-to-end process of investing in complex transactions in this region
  • We will engage on County behalf, credit rating agencies and shepherd the County through our technical experience in infrastructure and regional bond investments
  • Our extensive networks of development, strategic and financial institutions puts us in a good position to match county projects with these partners

Mergers and Acquisitions:

  • We provide corporate consultancy for individual projects where we frequently carry out financial appraisals of projects through design and construction of financial models of the individual project incorporating return profiles and risk analysis
  • We also provide guidance on the appropriate financing structure of individual projects which encapsulates the market place and investor desires

Our Team

Our 5 man team comprises of individuals who have worked in telecoms, oil and gas, aviation, private equity, transaction advisory, investment management and infrastructure over an average of 15 years. The team bring strong strategic, operational and transactional experience having worked for multinational platforms across Sub-Saharan Africa and the United Kingdom.

The team also boasts diverse educational backgrounds with engineers, lawyers, investment bankers and accountants being members. This has allowed us to offer thoughtful and unique solutions to various clients we have worked with.

Our Selected Experience

The team has worked with diverse clients across the region namely in Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya.

We have managed to serve clients in both public and private sectors in these jurisdictions ranging from projects, corporate to Non-profits.

Contact Us

The Foundry, Viking House, Waiyaki Way
P.O Box 53443 – 00200 Nairobi, Kenya Tel: +254 777 146 105 Email:

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